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Another beginning

No, I did not forget my wordpress password. I was away for full 2 years. One hellova long writers block, isn’t it? To be honest, I used to write out of my loneliness and 2 years back I met someone who made me forget what its like to be lonely anymore. I started living instead of writing. Living to my fullest!

January 2018, I completed my Computer Science degree, which is great, but – there’s a but still? Yeah, but a pleasant one. After graduation, I found time and leisure to think about us humans,our lives and our minds again and I decided to write like this again. Now, I am not lonely and I have decided to write my blogs again. (So, hopefully this time my blogs will be much happier and positive)

Enough with the intro, one little thing at the end of this – It is always good to come out of your fear of failing, and starting fresh. Which I’m gonna! See you soon again.



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Missing beauty.

Not everyone becomes part of your life. You meet a lot of people, some of them become your friends, but only very few become your favorites. They are a moment of joy in our 24-hour long day. They keep us going, helping us to be alive instead of just living. When that favorite starts excluding you from their works, you are just living. Every minute of the day, you are just living. Not happy. Not sad. Wondering where you went wrong. This is when you miss your favorite, you miss that moment of joy. You wish to go back when it was all so beautiful. 🙂

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Inside vs. Outside.

One of the weird things to deal with in your 20s is to deal with the battle between your inside and your outside. Your inside might be shouting for someone, yet you have to stay put as if they are just another person you know from work. Your inside might even be catastrophic yet, your outside has to be as calm as a summer sea.
Don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, this is the only option you have to stay practically sound. I don’t know what happened to being fearless and open, like we used to be in our childhood. Now we’re all weird and complicated. Why can’t we just go tell the person we love that we love them? Why we have so much fear? Why can’t we just tell the person we hate to get out? Sometimes I think, back then, people weren’t such a puzzle, as they are now. You see, as people get older, they get complicated. This is the way it is.
A way to deal with that, I think, is to
a) start excluding everything that makes you overthink &,
b) start putting an effort for what you really love.
From giving compliments to appreciating the smallest gestures, from apologizing for smallest offences to simply listening. Everything counts. Do that and your inside and outside will be at balance.


Life is a coach, be the player.

Have you ever wondered why life is an important topic to discuss? Have you ever sat down, with a mug of coffee in your hand to just think about where you are heading in life and what’s its making you into? Well, to start off, Life is all that there is. It’s all which is in our hands. Do you really think it’s okay to let this magnificent life flow out of your hand as easily as you let sand slip through? Never. Not ever.

Life is something much more than we can ever imagine. Life teaches, life sustains everything, life sometimes also kills, but it never fails to coach. It never fails to teach, those who are ready to learn. Ask anyone what challenges them? What makes them fall on their knees and ponder? They won’t say global warming, or heavy traffic, but the difficulties they face in life.  Life is a challenge; whether you live in a 3rd world country or you live in New York.  You know it till your core that it’s not something you can ignore. So sign up to play this game, sigh up to be coached by the ultimate coach that exists.

Openness to let life coach you what it has to coach makes you the ultimate player of this game. Ever watched a football match? A player, whether he is the defender or the attacker or is at midfield, he doesn’t care about what’s happening except what’s happening to the ball. He is focused. He knows where to focus. One moment of that focus shattering, and he is either on the floor or the other team takes possession. This is exactly what happens in life. Only the football field is bigger and you are your team. You are the attacker; you are the defender and the goal keeper also. You are a one man army, ready to own the battlefield as your own! Every piece of it. Think as if you own it. Be ready to adopt, adapt, absorb every experience life is offering you. Good or bad. Remember that bad ones are the ones with the greatest impact.

Books don’t teach life. People don’t teach aspirations. Aspirations are taught by life and life only. Courses of events shape you. No matter what that shape is. Just know that you at least have a shape. A shape that you know only you learnt from your own life experiences. Be ready for twists and turns.

“In the end we only regret the changes we didn’t make”

Let the coach teach you what it has to offer, don’t stay idle. Don’t be staunch. Live a life with vast experiences, so that you widen you experience lane, thus make your mental horizon wider. Let life make you grow like a pea seed let’s air to make itself come out of the ground and boom and shine. Let life coach you. Be the player the tournament wants to give a trophy to. Be the man of the match.

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Good comes when you least expect it.

Good things come when you least expect them, and those ‘good things’ are sometimes a surprise in themselves as well. What you never though of happens, and it turns out to be surprising good. You erase that pre-planned image from head to fill that space up with this new unexpectedly good shape it has actually taken. This is just beautiful, I think.

Imagine falling in love with a person who was no where near your imagination and then finding out he is a perfect match. You never imagined to find his imperfections perfect. And when you do, you find this so beautiful and honest.

Things take you by surprise. When you wake up every morning, you have 2 things to take care of,
a) things you look forward to and,
b) things you dread.
Time passes and sometimes the things you looked forward to before become the things you dread now. What is beautiful to realize here is that the things you dread today might turn into the things you look forward to in the future. Just hold grip of your present till then.

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Daily life & obesity.

Obesity is almost considered a crime. It is frowned upon to an unimaginable extent. Yes, we all know that staying healthy is the wise choice but ask any obese person if he is obese by choice & the answer would be negative.
Yesterday, I got a Snapchat, which was a picture of a person with a big build and the caption was something like “Oh God Lmao :’O “. I disgust such a person who makes fun of anybody for such shallow reasons. And, not so surprisingly, when you confront such stupidity and inquire the basis of their laughter and mockery, those people will answer you with all kinds of “Healthy lifestyle, if they mind being called obese why don’t they just do something about it” type crap, at that moment all you can think is “Who will teach me this health channel crap? Someone who mocks a person who has done no harm to them. Is he/she really the person I want to take advise from?” Certainly not.
Being obese and surviving among such a society is really hard. The society puts this as a criteria of one’s intellectual level. How does body size has to do anything with a person’s intellectual level? When anybody mocks anyone for no genuine reason, they actually are ruining themselves only. “The things you say about others, say a lot about you” as they rightly say.

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A buzzing one, literally.

Everyone has a due role to play and it would be stupid to regard one role superior than the other.
Take an example of a bee community, there is one Queen Bee and the rest are the Worker Bees. Both are equally essential in working of a healthy and blooming community. The Queen Bee leads and the Worker Bees oblige and serve, like soldiers serve the country.
The worker bees will feel purposeless if there is no such position of a queen bee. Possibly resulting is chaos and death of the community.
LIKEWISE, without a leader , community fails, even if the community has great minds. No job is inferior. No job is humiliating, until is serves the community in a good way. Unite today, unite for good, unite for a purpose. Don’t waste your potentials, it wastes the potentials of the nation.